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Lien Gisolflaan 12 06 52666186
The Netherlands

Algemene gegevens / General information

Functie : Regional Manager Europe
Functiegebied : General Management Datum plaatsing : 10-02-2015
Branche : Tourist Board Sluitingstermijn : 24-02-2015
Locatie : The Hague Salaris indicatie : To be defined
Uren per week : 40 Te vervullen : To be defined

Bedrijfsprofiel / Company profile

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is responsible for the development of tourism on the island of Curaçao. CTB's mission is to increase the number of stay-over visitors to Curaçao as proposed in the Strategic Master Plan while creating Curaçao’s unique value proposition in tourism. Furthermore the mission is ‘Together creating a dushi Kòrsou’.

The Marketing team is responsible for growth in tourism numbers in the European region. The Marketing team focuses its activities on policy advising, planning and coordination, progress with respect to the development of tourism on the island of Curaçao in the European region and is also responsible for marketing plans and activities in order to establish and maintain the image of CTB by generating understanding and acceptance for CTB’s role in the development of tourism.

The Regional Manager is responsible for the development of the marketing strategy and plan, including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, e-marketing and sales promotion plans, to build out awareness of Curaçao in existing and new to be developed markets. Furthermore the Regional Manager is responsible for the management of the European office.

Functieomschrijving / Job description

Result Areas:

  1. Is responsible for the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan, including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, e-marketing and sales promotion plans, to build out awareness of Curaçao in existing and new to be developed markets:
  • Follows and researches relevant (inter)national developments;
  • Drafts strategy plans, marketing plans, manages, directs, coordinates and monitors the sales & marketing and branding activities, identifies bottlenecks and comes with solutions;
  • Develops the overall marketing budget, including the advertising budget, manages and coordinates these;
  • Implements the developed plans and directs the execution of the marketing activities for the European region in close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders;
  • Advises the management team on marketing issues and developments;Handles the advertising, public relations and other agency relationships for the European market;
  • Develops advertising standards for the advertising agencies, performs annual assessments, prepares detailed creative briefs and exercises control over this area to ensure that advertising is in synergy with marketing goals, as well as institutional and product branding objectives and strategies;
  • Markets Curaçao as a product in the European region via direct marketing and e-marketing;
  • Develops and executes sales promotion plans;
  • Ensures marketing research activities with respect to destination marketing, travel trends and requirements, customer perception and attitudes, and provides required analyses of market situation as a basis for executive decision-making with respect to the CTB’s marketing activities in the European region;
  • Develops market research procedures and techniques, and bears responsibility for the quality of the quantitative and qualitative information used in making marketing decisions;
  • Keeps up-to-date records of media trends, does appropriate analysis of media and makes recommendations accordingly;
  • Measures the effectiveness of advertising, PR, Marketing and Sales Promotion campaigns, taking corrective action as necessary;
  • Provides information and advice concerning the target market, developments, needs, bottlenecks, potential investors and other relevant matters;
  • Builds a network/ relationships with relevant stakeholders;
  • Develops progress and other reports and management information;
  • Participates in internal and external meetings and project groups;
  • Develops and monitors budgets;
  • Reports to the CEO;
  • Participates in special projects;
  • Performs other related activities.
  1. Provides leadership to the department of the European region:
  • Provides direction;
  • Motivates employees;
  • Monitors and ensures positive team spirit;
  • Evaluates performance of employees and holds job evaluation and performance-appraisal interviews;
  • Assesses training needs and gives follow-up on training (needs);
  • Keeps job descriptions up-to-date (with assistance of the HR department);
  • Handles vacation requests.


  • The Regional Manager reports to the CEO/ Deputy Director regarding the usefulness of the developed marketing strategy, the progress and results of the marketing management, execution and promotion. 
  • The Regional Manager works according to the strategic guidelines of CTB.
  • The Regional Manager takes decisions when managing and leading marketing and sales promotion activities for the European region and regarding the content of strategies, (action) plans and advice.

Functie-eisen / Skills & experience

Competencies on job level:

  • Theoretical and expert knowledge in the field of (international) marketing, PR & sales;
  • Fundamental knowledge of the tourism sector and international tourism organizations in general;
  • Knowledge of the Curaçao Tourism Experience;
  • Knowledge of the latest Marketing techniques and media production processes;
  • General knowledge of regulations governing marketing, public relations, advertising, media in the target market;
  • Ability to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate sales & marketing plans;
  • Analytical skills;
  • (Project) management skills;
  • Organizational and leadership skills;
  • Communication and networking skills;
  • Sales & marketing skills;
  • Reporting skills;
  • Budget skills;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Written and oral skills in the following languages: English, Papiamentu, Dutch and Spanish;
  • Skills in relevant computer software and programs (Windows, database, spreadsheet, text processing, etc.).



  • With colleagues regarding sales & marketing activities and the shared responsibilities, budgets, opportunities regarding (potential) investors and related matters in order to synchronize, coordinate and exchange information and to create support for development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies.


  • With stakeholders regarding sales & marketing and related matters in order to build relationships and networks and in order to promote Curaçao;
  • With consultants, advertisement agencies and others regarding (delivered) products and services in order to synchronize, coordinate and exchange information;
  • With (potential) investor, event organizers, tour operators, airlines and others regarding Curaçao as a destination in order to provide information and in order to sell and promote Curaçao.

Core Competencies:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Value people
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity, pro-active, ingenuity, leading, innovation


  • Relevant education on HBO+ level
  • Experience: 3-5 years working experience at managerial level, in marketing management and communications, preferably in tourism related business

Aanbod / Offer

This information will be shared with respective candidates after the first selection has been made.

Geïnteresseerd? / Interested?

Candidates who are interested in this position and match the indicated function criteria, are requested to respond in English until February 24 via the link below. All applications will be directly forwarded to the Curaçao Tourist Board. The Curaçao Tourist Board will take care of the follow up. Should you require more information about this position, please contact the Curaçao Tourist Board via number +31708916600. 

Only candidates that match the indicated criteria are requested to apply.

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